July 12, 2010
t seems we are on a roll, as Power Poison has just been nominated for three new awards at
Action On Film Festival in Pasadena: Best Short film, Best Action Sequence, and Best
Supporting Actor for Ronald Joseph(Victor).

The festival is run by Alan Bailey, who had been an executive with Paramount for over 30
years, so coming from him, it means a lot.
Attending guests include Talia Shire (from Godfather and Rocky movies), Kim
Coates(Resident Evil, Sons of Anarchy). and others.

Our screening is conveniently scheduled for Friday (July 23) 10pm at the Regency Academy
Theater 2.
Address: 1003 E. Colorado Blvd Pasadena CA

You can get the tickets at discounted prices($8 dollars only) at the link below:
It would be great to see you there.

June 19, 2010
The "Power Poison" trailer just won 3 Telly awards! Check it out on Vimeo and stay tuned for
the film to be released online very soon!

June 4, 2010
Just shot "Parks and Recreation"!!!!! Fun scene with Amy Poehler! Look for me next season!

May 11, 2010
FILM PLANET ENTERTAINMENT is representing  "Power Poison"
(aka "Crime on Terror") at Cannes Film Market! This means we are being promoted for
possible development and distribution as a feature length film!  Fingers crossed!

February, 2010
Power Poison has won multiple  ISFMA Three awards which were presented on Feb 19th in
Long Beach! It was a fun and exciting RED CARPET Experience. We worked very hard and
had an amazing experience filming this. Thanks Vahram, for a GREAT Film and an eye
opening experience!
October 25,2010
Just wrapped filming on "Vengance of the Black Claw"a family oriented feature
film with cowboys, indians,horses, chases and even a damsel in destress!

I play Hoot Cartright, a lovable, adventure seeking, irish cowboy with a taste for
whisky. He constantly has to rescue his friend, an ex-cavelryman named Bugle
,as well as Patricia, our resident damsel.

Look for "Vengance..." to be released in spring 2011